Framework, Tools and Good Practices for Cybersecurity Curricula

Entrée en langue anglaise / English entry Catégorie: Journal
Auteurs: Jan hajny, Sara Ricci, Edmundas Piesarskas, Olivier Levillain, Letterio Galletta et Rocco de Nicola
Date: 2021

Cybersecurity education and training are essential prerequisites of achieving a secure and privacy-friendly digital environment. Both professionals and the general public widely acknowledge the need for high-quality university education programs and professional training courses. However, guides, recommendations, practical tools, and good examples that could help institutions design appropriate cybersecurity programs are still missing. In particular, a comprehensive method to identify skills needed by cybersecurity work roles offered on the job market is missing. This paper aims to provide practical tools and strategies to help higher education providers design good cybersecurity curricula. First, we analyze the content of 89 existing study programs worldwide, collect recommendations of renowned institutions within and outside the EU, and provide a comprehensive survey accompanied by a dynamic web application called Education Map. Based on the knowledge about the current state in cybersecurity education, we design the SPARTA Cybersecurity Skills Framework that provides the currently missing link between work roles and required expertise and shows how to develop a curriculum that reflects job market requirements. Finally, we provide a practical tool that implements the framework and helps education and training providers design new study programs and analyze existing ones by considering the requirements of cybersecurity work roles.

Publié dans IEEE Access (IEEE), volume 9, numéro 1 (pages 94723 à 94747)

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