Work-in-Progress: Towards a Platform to Compare Binary Parser Generators

Entrée en langue anglaise / English entry Catégorie: Conférence
Auteurs: Olivier Levillain, Sébastien Naud et Aina Toky Rasoamanana
Date: mai 2021

Binary parsers are ubiquitous in the software we use everyday, be it to interpret file formats or network protocol messages. However, parsers are usually fragile and are a common place for bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Over the years, several projects have been developed to try and solve the problem, using different forms such as parser combinators or domain-specific languages. To better understand this rich ecosystem and offer tools to compare the existing solutions, we initiated a platform to test and compare such tools against different specifications.

Our so-called "LangSec Platform", which is a work-in-progress, aims at providing a framework to implement various specifications using different tools, which allow us to compare the expressiveness, the robustness and the efficiency of the included parser generators.

Présenté lors de la conférence SPW (LangSec) à San Jose, CA, USA en mai 2021

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